Thursday, May 06, 2010

'28 Hari : Jurnal Rock n Roll'

Sebenarnya, aku pun belum beli lagi Jurnal ni, nak main order ni cukup malas, kalau terjumpa kat kedai buku..mesti aku beli punya. Nak baca jugak apa si Jayzuan ni mengomel..haha
Selamat membaca dan membeli..nak beli kat mana..? BACA BAWAH NI!!


Hello beautiful people, (See attachment for book cover)

You handsome guys and pretty girls now can pre order my book entitled '28 Hari: Jurnal Rock n' Roll'. You can directly get yr copy straight from my publisher for cheaper price. This offer valid until before the exact launch date on 12th June 2010.

Pre order price - RM10 including post paid (Semenanjung / Sarawak / Sabah)
Normal price after the launch and price in bookstores - RM15.

Bank in to: Irman bin Noor (Maybank account: 162085468109) -- DON'T FORGET TO SCAN THE RECEIPT OR WHATEVER PROVE OF PAYMENT YOU MADE.


E-mail my publisher at: --- Inform them how to deliver the book to you.

Be kind and forward this e-mail to people that you think interested to read my crappy rock n' roll literature.

Lastly, if you're free on 12th June 2010. Do come to the book launch -- 1 PM at KL Alternative Book Fest, Central Market.

Thank kasih!!!

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